(Part 1)


1. Isaiah 42: 1 – 3 “A bruised reed He will not break, a smoking flax He will not quench.”

You might have been through much in 2011, but you are still here today by the grace of God with praise and thankfulness in your heart!

You might have been bruised but not broken or you might have smoldered but not snuffed out.

Proverbs 17: 22 “A merry heart is like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones.”


2. Exodus 2: 21 “…and it came to pass in the process of time that the King of Egypt died.”

This phrase is mentioned 5 times in the King James Version of Old Testament. Every occasion “time” is involved in the process. God uses “time” to process things in our lives. The longer we live, the longer we serve God, the more we understand how important God’s process to be. While God does do things suddenly, instantaneously, most times there is a period of “time” between what God says and its manifestation in our lives. From the promise there is a space to the answer. Are you still trusting God for a promise, a vision, or word given years ago, still to take place?

Important: Something on the inside makes you not give up on it. You don’t know how or when but you believe it will happen.

There is a process going on and you are on a journey and the journey is almost as important as the destination. The journey or the process God has us in is preparing us for that answer that will not die on the inside.



3. God’s process has a way of changing us.

            A) Our value system changes 

When folk’s value in life is their ‘stuff’ – material possessions- then I know that they have not been processed yet! God is not concerned about “what” you have, it is “how” you have it; not a problem what you have, but “why” you have it and “what” you do with it.

God’s process changes the way we look at things.

Important: It is not what you are driving; it is where you are going!

I would rather be going in God’s direction in a VW Rabbit, than going in the wrong direction in a Porsche Sports GT.


            B) A new value system means:

§         Quality of character – not quantity of abilities, giftings, etc.

§         We choose to make quality decisions – letting the peace of God be our umpire.

§         We realize it is more important to have 5 quality friends than 50 acquaintances around you.

§         God’s process helps us sort out our priorities. Over time we learn that some things don’t really matter / are not important anymore / don’t really count. We realize we need to focus our energy, time, and strength on things that count. (as a young believer, you think you can save the world)

Example: I learn not to release my stones on small things when a giant could be on his way!

§         We learn not to try and force people to believe what we believe but we learn all these things come about through God’s process in time.

§         In His process through time I realize I am not God, which means I cannot fix things and people and what freedom that brings!

Important: Some folk who are broken like it that way and don’t want to be fixed. They are dysfunctional, addicted, unhappy, negative, and sick and like it that way.

     Question: Have you lost sleep over them, while they sleep soundly? Have you been shedding tears while they are partying all night?

                 God’s process teaches us that if you try and act as God, you will be in danger of losing your joy and peace. I am prepared to be bruised for others but not broken.

     In the process of time we learn to give people over to the Lord. In so doing we give them the “grace”, the “space” to learn through their own process.

Important: In God’s process, through time we rely more and more on Jesus the solid Rock and not on sinking sand.

    In the process of time we learn to guard our spirits when life roughs us up. Being bruised is one thing, but we must not let it break us. GUARD THE JOY OF THE LORD – IT IS YOUR STRENGTH!

     You may be bruised, but you are not broken. Praise God for that!


4. As we are being processed, it is just a matter of time before you come through.

     Exodus 2: 23 “It happened in the “process of time” that the King of Egypt died…” And God took notice of them in the process of time and their enemy was taken out of the equation. God turned things around for them.

     “In the process of time” the powers working against you will be taken out of the equation. God will turn things around for you! If you believe in your “TURN – AROUND GOD” stand up and make a 360 degree turn!