(Part II)


Read Exodus 2:21 – 25:

1. We need to know that God is in the process of processing us through a period called time.

Once we understand PROCESS, then we don’t judge people in the middle of their something. My own process teaches me that because God has been patient with me, I need to be patient with others.

Because God has give me some space, then I need to give others some space.

Because He has given me grace, I must give them grace to work through their bruising time.

In other words:

I stop playing God and try to get people fixed.

Process teaches us that if God does not fix things, then things are not going to get fixed! So stop trying yourself.

Process teaches us to keep our hands off, keep merry, joyful, thankful hearts and LET GOD BE GOD!



   John 14: 15 – 21; 26 – 27 “…I will give you another Comforter that He may be with you forever.”

   God gives a Comforter, the Holy Spirit, because we are not always going to be comfortable. There would be no purpose for a Comforter if I was not going to be bruised. We are not saved and them immune from bruises in life.

   (Example: When we did coffee bar ministry in Cape Town, South Africa, we had to correct one of our helpers, because he would tell people who came in to be ministered to that when they became Christians, “Now your problems are over!”)

   Process teaches me that: WHAT IS NOT GOD SENT, IS GOD USED. So whether God sent it or not, God will use it. Romans 8: 28 – “All things work together for good…”

   (Example: Joseph declared in Genesis 50: 30: “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.”)

   There is nothing that happens to you that God won’t make work for you if you don’t allow yourself to be broken and give up. YOU MAY BE BRUISED BUT NOT BROKEN!



   We realize we are not the persons we used to be. Process has a way of changing who we are. Thank God we are not what we used to be but we are not yet what we are going to be!

   In God’s process: We have our value system changed;

                             We value quality more that quantity;

                             We learn what is important and not important;

                             We learn how to prioritize things that bring results / rewards.

   (Example: David saw Goliath doing his thing and had been processed enough to go to Saul and say, “What will be given to the man who fights the giant?” In other words, “I am not fighting this giant for nothing, what is my reward?”

   Saul says, “I will give you my daughter”, and David says, “Let me see her.”

   David was not going to put his life on the line for some ugly woman. When he saw her he said, “I’m going to get 5 smooth stones!”)


4. In God’s process if we are observant, we see a pattern develop in our lives. Many of the things that don’t seem to work in our lives have to do with our infirmities.

   Our infirmities – (Here we need to think beyond physical sicknesses)

   Romans 15: 1 – 3; Romans 8: 26; Hebrews 4: 15 – In these verses infirmities mean: weaknesses, flaws, frailties, faults, limitations.

   Who knows that none of us are perfect, without weaknesses, limitations, flaws?

Important: Sometimes we have blind spots and do not see our weakness, thinking it is someone else or something else.

Note: God processes us until that enemy within us is removed from the equation. Remember, “The King of Egypt dies in the process of time.”

5. Moses was a man who had a might purpose and destiny, but he had an infirmity that was called anger.

    Anger caused him to kill an Egyptian, and then he had to escape and land up in Midian which means Contention / Strife.

    Moses anger took him to a place of contention. (You ever landed in contention?)

    Moses married Jethro’s daughter, who bore him a son. Moses named him Gershon which means “I am a stranger in a strange land”, but it did not break him.

    Have you ever been in a season that felt like you were a stranger in a strange land?

    A stranger is someone who is strange to you / someone you don’t recognize with a weakness. Have you been in a season when you and others don’t recognize you?

    Proverbs 18: 14 says, “The spirit of a man can sustain his infirmity but a broken spirit who can bear?”

    In our process we learn that we might get bruised but don’t allow ourselves to be broken, because sooner or later “The King of Egypt dies.”

    Moses did not know that his best days were about to take place. A bush would burn and talk to him and 3 million people would be freed from slavery. In the process of time God turned things around for Moses.




6. Read Proverbs 17: 22A Here it says, “…a merry, joyful heart does good like a medicine…”

Important: As long as I keep my joy in the Lord, keep my victory, it will sustain my weakness.

                 The joy of the Lord is my medicine.

                           It is my pain reliever when something is trying to give me pain;

               It is my sleeping pill, when something is trying to rob my sleep;

               It is my get- up drink when things want to keep me in bed depressed.

Important: When your spirit is sustaining you, you will not even be aware of your infirmity. You may be bruised but not broken. You have been processed enough to know that the King of Egypt cannot live forever!


“So as I wait upon the Lord, I will renew my strength and mount up with wings like an eagle, I will run and not be weary, I will walk and not faint.” (Isaiah 40: 31)


God, by the power of His Spirit will sustain every infirmity and we are able to testify, “TO GOD BE THE GLORY, GREAT THINGS HE HAS DONE”

Can we lift holy hands and thank Him for His love, grace and strength, for we are bruised but not broken in His process.